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Welcome to our website. We hope you will choose to come worship with us. Please look over all the pages. Check out the articles and pictures. If you have any questions, call us. If you need prayer, would like a home Bible study, please let us know. We'd be glad to minister to you any way that we can.

On Sunday, March 29, the Church honored Sis. Lisa Koonce, my wife, for Pastor's Wife Appreciation Day. If anyone deserves honor, it's this lady. We could go on and on for a long time and not extol this great lady's virtues as well as all her labors of love. No one knows what a Pastor's wife goes through unless you are one. She is the first to be attacked by the angry parishoner. She deflects injury away from me. She's the voice on the other end of the church phone. She does som much but when something ISN'T done, she receives the blame. She is a Christian, a prayer warrior and she is into the Word. I believe Jesus will say "Well done" to her when she reaches glory, but the church wanted to say "thanks" and take a day to recognize this wonderful lady now. Thank you church.

The church also recognized Sis. Cindy Cadman, Pastor's Assistant's wife; Sis. Diana Bates, Associate to the Pastor's wife, Sis Violet Koonce, Bishop Koonce's wife and Sis. Eileen Koonce, Bishop Koonce's wife of many years, who passed away March 31, 2013 for the work they do to assist their husbands in the worl of the Lord. We wanted to remember Sis. Eileen Koonce's memory for all the years she spent serving as Pastor's wife, often never receiving any recognition for her work during her lifetime. I believe she is receiving her reward now.

We are a loving congregation, tho not large in number, we are a warm and friendly group of people. We have services and activities for all ages; informative and interesting Bible studies, Children ministries Sunday and Wednesday, Youth meetings and activities and much more!

We have Holy Ghost annointed worship services. The past couple of weeks have seen several of our teen age boys and girls make a commitment to Jesus Christ and we baptized a young man in the precious name of Jesus Christ! What a joy to know and serve our God.

                                                          Pastor John Koonce 



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